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Arya Idiga is a Hindu community of people concentrated mainly in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India. Idigas were involved in soma and Ayurvedic medicine developers in ancient days who are classified as Somavanshi Kshatriyas. In coastal areas of Karnataka, we are known by various names such as Billava, Namadhari, Deevaru, Halepaika, Namadhari naik and Thiyya. In some parts of Karanataka we are also called deevaru which means islanders. Our main profession were toddy tapping, brewing arrack etc, but now only few people are in this traditional job. Ours is one of the progressive communities of Karnataka.

The word Idiga or Ediga is 'people of Eda' or Ida believed to an ancient Kannada name for Sri Lanka in one of the source. The word Deevaru might have come from the Sanskrit word Dweep means island which again denotes the island nation of Sri lanka. Another theory is that the word Eda or Ida is derived from archaic kannada word ira for Toddy.

Our population is said to be about 40,00,000. Mainly located in Bangalore, Chikmagalur, Chitradurga, Shimoga, Uttara Kannada, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Mysore and Tumkur districts.  'Yellamma thaayi' is the community deity. The temples of Devi Yallamma also known as Shree Renuka Devi is situated on a hill near Soundatti Taluka in Belgavi District & on Chandragutti hill in Soraba Taluka in Shimoga District of Karnataka.

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